SDCRID’s Young Professional Interpreters’ Network (YPIN) is a group created by and specifically for newer interpreters - Deaf and hearing - in the beginning phases of their careers.

As interpreters complete their training programs and work towards certification, employment, and further skill enhancement, YPIN provides a supportive network of peers and colleagues. Partnering with community resources, YPIN offers both structured and unstructured opportunities for:

  • Peer mentoring
  • Study groups
  • Workshops
  • Pro bono interpreting opportunities
  • Networking
  • Information about local resources
  • Social events
  • and MORE

If you are an ITP graduate in the first 7 years of your career, join YPIN through our Facebook group:

We also have a Facebook page for everyone interested in supporting YPIN to follow us and stay in touch:

Contact us with any questions or feedback at

YPIN joins together motivated, emerging interpreters from varied backgrounds to promote advanced interpreting preparation, networking opportunities, and volunteer experiences to benefit the interpreting field and Deaf community, at large.

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