San Diego County RID Board



Billieanne McLellan (2020-2022)




Billieanne McLellan is a RID nationally certified interpreter. She began her career in 1994 at the San Diego Community College District where she received her interpreting education. She has been involved with RID both locally and nationally since 2006, serving a board member and on various committees. Pre- COVID her spare time was mostly spent at Disneyland with her family and friends; now she is usually in the garden with her family, feline members included!
She is excited to be serving San Diego County interpreters as SDCRID president!



Vice President:

Vacant (2020-2022)




Abby Coyer (2019-2021)


Abby has been working as a certified interpreter for 12 years. She is a proud member of the communities she is involved in: Deaf community, Coda International, and SDCRID. 






Johnna Hitt (2019-2021)



I have been interpreting off and on all my adult life.  It became my profession 20 years ago and within the year I became certified. My hobbies include different exercise regimens, crafts, and being my daughter’s sous chef as needed for specialty cakes. My husband and I have raised our daughter who is in college, so it’s my turn to give back in service to SDCRID and the community. I am financially sound in my personal life, organized, and have a strong moral compass so I hope to do a good job as Treasurer. 



Community Representative, Working Interpreter:

Jillean Reitz (2020-2022)


Jillean Reitz is currently SDCRID’s Community Working Interpreter Representative and continuing on to a second term. She was born and raised in San Diego, spent the first 15 years in Kensington, and has spent the subsequent years raising her now teen twins in La Mesa and El Cajon. Her career began in 2008, in the K-12 setting, began post-secondary in 2009 when she became Nationally Certified. After a brief time in VRS, she realized that the IN PERSON -specifically medical interpreting- is where she is most passionate. Besides sitting on the sidelines of her kid’s activities and cheering, enjoys most arts- singing, painting, cooking, baking, has picked up gardening and bicycle riding for past times.

She’s held a few positions within SDCRID- Librarian, Secretary, and now Community Rep! Loves to connect with the other working interpreters in the community, go ahead and reach out!



Community Representative, Deaf Community:

Ranem Wissam Shhadeh (2019-2021)




Ranem Wissam Shhadeh is a Deaf Palestinian American woman who knows Israeli Sign Language and American Sign Language. Ranem has worked as a Deaf Interpreter since 2010. She was the first person to graduate as a Deaf interpreter through the ASL Interpreting Training Program at Palomar College in San Marcos. You will probably see her around with her hearing alert service dog Bella. Ranem currently works at Deaf Community Services (DCS) as an Operations Manager of the Interpreting Department. Before DCS, Ranem worked at Disability Rights California (DRC) where she had served and advocated for Deaf clients. She is actively involved with the Deaf and refugee community and providing services to those who have language barriers. From 2011-2015 she worked for the United States Army in Fort Hood, Texas as a CO Leader for Family Readiness and CARE response team. Ranem strongly believes in equal access no matter where a person comes from around the world. Life is a precious thing and everyone deserve a chance to be heard.



Community Representative, Student – Palomar: 

Erin Espinoza (2020-2022)