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    • 20 Oct 2018
    • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Grossmont College Building 26, Room number 220

    San Diego County Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf presents:   LSM/Mexican Culture Workshop

    October 20th 9-1pm 

    Grossmont College 

    8800 Grossmont College Drive
    El Cajon, CA 92020

              0.4 CEUS        

    ***** This workshop is Free unless requesting CEU'S in which you must register and pay****



    This workshop focuses on basic LSM/Spanish language communication techniques while understanding how to avoid “faux pass” when in contact with the Latino Deaf and Hearing community. We will briefly discuss the different cultural settings and the language combinations-ASL/English, ASL/Spanish, ASL/English/Spanish, ASL/LSM, and ASL/LSM/Spanish/English. By the end of class, the attendees will mingle using only basic LSM/Spanish sentences including some appropriate mouth morphemes.The workshop will close with a brief discussion on the enriched reference list of multicultural corpus.

    Bio of Presenter:

    Sergio Peña is an RID certified interpreter, an LSM/Spanish CONOCER*certified interpreter. ASL, English, Mexican Sign Language (LSM) and Spanish have been his working languages for almost 30 years.Peña holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from San Diego State University with a specialization in linguistics. He has been a speaker, trainer, writer and teacher in the multilingual field of interpreting and translating here in the United States and many other countries from Latin-America and The Caribbean.

    Audience & Accommodations: 

    Open to interpreting students and practitioners, Deaf people and instructors. This workshop will be presented in ASL. For any other accommodations please make a request two weeks in advance. Please send email to PDC@sdcrid.org  This event is non-discriminating and promotes an environment of mutual respect and free from bias.


    Trix Bruce is an approved CMP sponsor for continuing

    education activities. This Professional studies program is offered for 0.4 CEUs at

    the "Minimal content knowledge level"

    Map and Directions:

    Address, Parking & Directions

    Grossmont College
    8800 Grossmont College Drive
    El Cajon, CA 92020

    Visitor parking is available in front of the main administration building or in student parking lots using a one-day parking permit available from the gray permit machines located in all parking lots. 

    Interstate 8

    From Interstate 8, East or West, take Highway 125 North to the Grossmont College Drive exit. Turn right at the first stop light (Grossmont College Drive). Go across the bridge to the second traffic signal. Go straight onto the Grossmont College perimeter road.

    Highway 94

    From Highway 94 East, take Highway 125 North to the Grossmont College Drive exit. Turn right at the first stop light (Grossmont College Drive). Go across the bridge to the second traffic signal. Go straight onto the Grossmont College perimeter road.

    Highway 52

    From Highway 52 East, take Highway 125 South to the Grossmont College Drive exit. Turn right at the first stop light (Grossmont College Drive). Go straight onto the Grossmont College perimeter road.

    IF you are attempting to register for an option and it appears to be grayed-out, or not visible, that usually means that you do not qualify for that option. 

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